The Korean Kitchen

Korean food is soulful, rich, wildly colorful with pickled and fermented flavors. One of the mainstays of Korean cuisine is Kimchi, which is a method for preserving vegetables. Napa cabbage being the most familiar, there are many more vegetables that can be kimchi’d. Join this hands on class with Chef Jennifer Berry where you will learn the classic process for Napa Cabbage kimchi. We will discuss the tradition of serving Banchan with every meal, (small dishes to be eaten with the main dish) and then we will bring it all together with the classic Kalbi, grilled and served with Bachan, rice and eaten in lettuce wraps.


  • Scallion Pancakes (Pajeon)
  • Spicy Bean Sprouts (Kong Namul)
  • Potato Salad (Gamja Saelleodeu)

Kalbi – Marinated Short Ribs with Ssamjang sauce

 and take a quart of Napa Cabbage Kimchi home to ferment and enjoy later!!