The Cuban Kitchen – The Cubano Sandwich & More

Variations of the classic Cubano sandwich were served to hungry factory workers beginning in the 1800s. These workers eventually ventured into Florida to work in factories primarily in Tampa. Nowadays, there is a global love of Cuban Sandwiches and Whisk is bringing this experience to you with Chef Yary Oslund, who was born and raised in Cuba. In this hands-on class you will make the ever popular:

Traditional Cubano Sandwich with slow cooked Pork marinated with authentic Cuban Mojo, Ham, Swiss Cheese, homemade Pickles, pressed or panini grilled.

Bocadito de Champinones – Cuban Vegetarian Sandwich with Roasted Peppers, Braised Herb-Mushrooms, Arugula, Olives and Gruyere Cheese, and Chipotle Sour Creama, pressed.

Homemade Fries

Market Fresh Green Salad,

Served with an ice cold beer or a glass of Sangria