Plates Inspired by Franco-Japanese Cuisine

From Michelin starred establishments to cozy neighborhood bistros, the Japanese culinary affair with French cuisine is extensive. There is no bond between east and west stronger than these two countries. A mutual respect and appreciation for one another’s culture has been notable since the 1870’s and still continues today, affecting tradition, culture and undoubtedly culinary style. In this hands on class let Chef Sheldon Raju teach you how to make five delectable dishes each one having its own unique flavor profile that are Franco-Japanese Cuisine inspired using American ingredients.

  • Salt & Pepper Squid (Calamari) Fried with a side of Charred Cucumber
  • Sesame Prawn Toasts
  • Sashimi of Salmon with Salmon Roe Dressing
  • Korean Beef Tenderloin Tartare
  • Lemon Posset 

About Sheldon:

Born in Durban, South Africa, Sheldon cultivated a deep love for cooking at a young age through his grandfather who managed the kitchen at the local temple which hosted weddings and cultural events.  Spending weekends with his grandfather Sheldon developed a great passion for cooking and the art of service.  After culinary school Sheldon cooked his way through numerous restaurants in Durban and Cape Town. From there he headed to Europe and worked at a two star Michelin restaurant in the Netherlands and then onto Germany. He expanded his culinary repertoire and began developing menus and concepts for new restaurants and started his own culinary consultancy business.  Over the years Sheldon has worked all over the world in top restaurants, trained with leading chefs and competed in culinary competitions developing his unparalleled expertise.