The Thai Kitchen

If you love to eat Thai food, the Thai Kitchen is for you! Join Chef Barbara in this hands-on cooking class that demystifies the universe of Thai flavors. Chef Barb will explain authentic Thai ingredients used to wring out maximum flavor known as “The Harmony of Thai Cooking”, balancing the primary Thai flavors of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Let delicious Thai food become a weeknight favorite. In this class, we will make:

Crab Rangoon with Sweet with a Sour Dipping Sauce – these fried dumplings are delicious and additive

Grilled Shrimp Spring Rolls – fun and refreshing elegant finger food, served with a spicy ginger garlic sauce.

Thai Cucumber Salad – Sweet and Tangy – served as a garnish, condiment or palate cleanser.

Grapow Chicken with Fried Egg and Jasmine Rice – This spicy Thai staple is made with a combination of ground chicken and pork, green beans and lots of Thai basil as color and freshness.