Taste of Italy – Doppio Ravioli

Dive into the world of handmade pasta and be transported to Italy in this hands-on pasta making class.  Chef Jennifer Berry will focus on the artisan forming of comforting stuffed pasta. In this class we will make Doppio Ravioli (double ravioli) which is a technique where you take two different fillings and put them, side by side, in one ravioli. Double the flavor, double the fun!  This recipe takes advantage of our local early Spring greens turned into an exquisite filling for one side and the other is a classic ricotta cheese filling.  The result of these two fillings together is nothing short of fantastic!

Your Menu for the evening includes:

  • Salad – Spring Vegetable Bagna Crudo (Vegetables warmed in Anchovy Olive Oil)
  • Doppio Ravioli (Ricotta filling and Spring Greens filling)
  • Chocolate Mousse

Served with wine, Salute!

About Jennifer:

Jennifer is a culinary arts instructor, private chef and recipe developer, she is a graduate of The Seattle Culinary Academy where she is also a part time instructor. Jennifer has over a decade of restaurant experience working under Jonathan Sundstrom at Lark Seattle. Jennifer spent her early life in the kitchen with her grandmother making homemade pasta, foraging for blackberries and using up every leftover available. Her food is heavily influenced by her Italian family and the seasonal bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Jennifer recently started a food blog to document her family’s traditions and the foods she has created for them, you can follow her @chefjenskitchen.