Taiwanese Breakfast Classics

Every morning the street food landscape in Taiwan changes from night market street food vendors to breakfast stalls.  Early risers in Taiwan enjoy a breakfast of champions including creamy soy milk with a assortment of hearty baked goods, sticky rice rolls, and savory fried crullers.  In this hands-on class Chef Tiffany Ran touches on the history of Taiwanese breakfast as she walks you through how to make some of the beloved classics.  Each dish on the menu reflects a different facet of Taiwanese cuisine.

  • Sweet Soy Milk – 甜豆醬 – Soy Milk, turbinado sugar
  • Savory Sticky Rice Roll – 鹹飯糰 –  Glutinous rice, pork floss, pickled mustard greens, fried crueller
  • Egg Crepe (Dan Bing) – 蛋餅 Egg, scallions, fried shallots, rice flour wrapper
  • Green Onion Shao Bing 蔥燒餅 (Sesame Flatbread) – Scallions, APF, sesame seeds, white pepper, maple syrup or brown sugar, sesame oil