The Italian Kitchen – Ricotta Gnocchi

If you are a fan of potato gnocchi, let us introduce you to its cousin – Ricotta Gnocchi (No potatoes required!) Lighter, slightly chewy, and without compromising our love for the delicious, pillowy nuggets of love we are familiar with – Ricotta Gnocchi is a snap to make. Chef James Sherrill will instruct you how to prepare the perfect gnocchi and teach you different rolling techniques to make the perfect gnocchi pillows.

In this hands-on class, we will make:

Ricotta Gnocchi  with a creamy Basil Pesto with pine nuts, parmesan and bacon lardons

Crispy brown butter fried gnocchi with wild mushroom, sage, madeira sauce 

Radicchio Salad with crispy prosciutto, figs, marcona almonds and aged balsamic vinaigrette