The Fundamental Foundations Series 201 – Week 4

Week 4 – April 24th: Techniques

There are two components to great food: good ingredients and great technique. In this class, we will discuss the various ways of applying heat to food and create a soulful French meal.  Participants in this class will apply the following techniques to their dinner: braising, roasting, frying, poaching, grilling, and sautéing!  Ooh-la-la! 

You’ll create and enjoy a dinner of:

  • Coq au Vin
  • Roasted Potatoes with Fried Sage;
  • Sautéed Haricot Verts;
  • Grilled Olive Oil Cake with Citrus and Cream Fraiche

This class is part of a 4-Week Series and tickets can be purchased on Week 1, April 3rd.

The Mixed Grill

Summer is made for grilling and this meal comes from Bulgaria, the breadbasket of Eastern Europe. Similar to Greek and Turkish cuisine, Bulgarian food features lots of fresh flavors and succulent meat dishes. Join Chef Drew Flanders, in this hands-on class, where you will learn to prepare and grill kebabs and skewers, marinate and cook a juicy pork chop, and create sides that round out a festive platter.  Finish the meal off with a shot of “rakija” – and unaged brandy that finds its way into most Bulgarian celebrations and good times…Nazdrave!

Come hungry as you will prepare and feast on this amazing menu:

  • Kyufte – Grilled Seasoned Pork and Beef
  • Kebabche – Ground Beef and Lamb Skewers
  • Shishcheta – Grilled Skewers of Marinated Chicken and Vegetables
  • Juicy Herb-Marinated Pork Chop
  • Tarator – Yogurt Sauce with Cucumbers and Garlic
  • Shopska Salata – Chopped Cucumber, Bell Pepper and Tomato Salad with Olives, Herbs and Cheese
  • Roasted Potatoes with Pickled Goat Horn Peppers and Dill
  • Blistered Sweet Peppers