The Fundamental Foundations Series 201 – Week 3

Week 3 – April 17th:  Doughs

There are few things as comforting as baked goods fresh from the oven. This class will explore the methods and ratios used to create fluffy yeast breads, buttery biscuits, flaky pie crusts, and tender fresh pasta! In this class, we’ll knead, roll and hand-cut pasta. You’ll bake and enjoy a fruit tart. The joy of baking will even follow you home as you’ll leave this class with yeasted bread dough to bake the next day – or freeze to bake later. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for make-ahead frozen dough!

You will create and enjoy a dinner of:

  • Hand-cut Pasta with Red Sauce, Italian Sausage and Pecorino
  • Pan-seared Broccolini
  • Fruit Tarts

This class is part of a 4-Week Series and tickets can be purchased on Week 1, April 3rd.