Tex Mex – Fiesta Ready!

Elevate your game when it comes to preparing a Tex-Mex meal, whether it’s for your family or a fiesta for friends you will learn all the tricks and techniques in this class!!

Chef Jen Tarantino Reyes will show you how to make fresh handmade flour tortillas (and we mean fresh, without grocery store additives and preservatives)!  You’ll never want store bought again!  Your fresh tortillas will be brimming with flank steak and all the toppings and sides necessary for a fantastic Tex-Mex Fiesta!

Come join us in this hands-on class and make:

  • Jalapeño Queso (with store bought chips)
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Mexican Street Corn Salad
  • Shaved Flank Steak Meat – Marinated then Pan-Seared
  • Homemade Fresh Pork Fat Flour Tortillas

We’ll cook and sip cold Beers and/or Margaritas!  (2pp)