Souped Up Soup Dumplings

Are you a fan of soup dumplings and like to live life on the edge? In this souped-up dumpling class where we’ll take the traditional pork and ginger soup dumpling then level up with vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia.  Chef Thanh Tang will give you step by step instructions for simmering a flavorful and rounded stock, discuss herbs and spices commonly used Asian cooking and share the philosophy of Asian cuisine. In this hands-on class, you will gain a wide range of skills as you make the delicate wrappers then roll, fill and crimp your dumplings using proper traditional techniques. We’ll end this class on a cozy note as you sit down to enjoy your handcrafted soup dumplings filled with flavorful Chicken Tum Yum, hearty Beef Pho, and Pork and Ginger…fresh from the steamer.

In this hands on claas you will make and plate;

  • Pork and Ginger Xiao
  • Long Bao Beef Pho
  • Chicken Tum Yum