The Italian Kitchen – Risotto 3 Ways

Risotto is often thought to be a laborious dish to make, but in this hands-on class, Chef Jennifer Berry will show you just how easy it can be! You will learn the basics of risotto: how and when to add broth, how much you really need to stir – or actually, how little. You will learn how to make this ahead for a dinner party and reheat, ways to customize the flavors and how to turn leftover risotto into a delicious appetizer. We will finish the meal off with a sweet version of risotto pudding.
Bitter Greens Salad with Anjou Pears and Hazelnut Vinaigrette
Arancini with Smoked Mozzarella – From Sicily, these balls are made of rice leftover from risotto making. They’re stuffed with smoky, gooey mozzarella, breaded and fried and then served with a simple tomato sauce.
Dungeness Crab and Sweet Corn Risotto with Scallion Lemon Gremolata – Sweet, briny flavors from our local Dungeness crab form the perfect marriage with last-of-the-season, caramelized, sweet corn.
Lemon Amaretto Risotto Pudding with Pistachio Mint Crumble – Amaretto is an almond liqueur from Italy that gives the pudding a warm and nutty finish.  It’s paired with creamy pistachios and brightened with lemon and mint.