The Italian Kitchen – Hand Shaped Pasta

No pasta roller? No problem! In this hands on class, Chef Jen Tarantino Reyes will teach you how to make an eggless pasta dough to create 2 unique hand shaped pastas.  These hand shaped pasta will have you making pasta using just a board and your hands! You’ll get your hands floury making Gnocchetti, a gnocchi shaped pasta from the Sardinia region of Italy, and Pici, a thick spaghetti type of noodle from Tuscany.

You will make:

  • Eggless Pasta Dough with 00 Flour and Olive Oil
  • Hand shaped Pici Pasta, with Classic Vodka Sauce
  • Hand shaped Gnocchetti Sardi,  with Creamy Roasted Garlic Sauce

(This class can be modified for vegans.)