Meatless Monday – Good Phở U

Are you vegetarian or simply thinking of going meatless, at least one day a week? Whatever your reasons, our Meatless Monday classes will not disappoint your taste buds. Delicious meatless recipes developed just for these classes will satisfy your hunger and inspire your approach to healthier living.

Explore the savory and fresh flavors of your favorite Vietnamese dishes in Whisk’s Phở class. Dive into the preparation of Phở Chay (vegetarian Phở) learning firsthand the secrets to creating its signature aromatic vegetarian broth, developing delicious umami flavor and the spices, and herbs used.

While the broth simmers, we’ll keep your hands busy making Chả Giò Chay (crispy vegetarian egg rolls) that looks as good as it tastes. Assemble your Phở bowl like a pro then enjoy the rich, fragrant rice noodle soup as Chef Thanh Tang shares the history of Phở and vegetarianism in Vietnamese cuisine. To Phở-ther enhance your Phở experience we end class on a sweet note with Sinh Tố Bo (avocado smoothie).


Phở Chay  – Pho noodle bowl

Chả Giò Chay – Crispy Vegetarian Eggrolls

Sinh Tố Bo – Avocado Smoothie