Brunch Tapas of Latin America

For some reason, brunch seems to be one of the less common, social, get-together formats. We more often have cookouts, dinners or cocktail parties, but brunch has a lot going for it: you don’t have to get up extra early or go to bed late, serving liquor is definitely optional, a sunny setting adds to people’s good mood, and the dress code is usually not fussy.

On your next casual hosting occasion, whether your guests are “just” your closest family or a medium-sized group of friends, why not offer brunch with a Latin American flair to the menu? Join Chef Yary in this hands-on class to make and enjoy:

From CubaHuevo Cubano – poached egg over mushroom, saffron & chorizo sofrito, served with grilled bread

From Peru: Papa a la Huancaína – potato slices with pan-seared shrimp, crispy pancetta and spicy queso sauce

From Colombia: Arepa de Quesito con Leche Cortada – cheese arepa topped with sweet, curdled milk and garnished with queso fresco

Served with Cava or Sangria