Mastering French Breads

While many cooks may shy away from preparing breads at home, producing your own handcrafted baguettes and loaves of brioche is incredibly rewarding. In this hands-on class, Pastry Chef Thanh Tang, will discuss the mechanics of yeast, natural sourdough, preferment and how these breads develop structure and flavor through kneading and working your bread by hand. He will teach fermentation, different shaping techniques and scarification of the breads. Pastry Chef Thanh will also share his decade old sourdough starter with you for years of baking to come. In this hands-on class you will make and enjoy:

Baguettes au Levain (Baguettes with a Natural Sourdough Starter),

Light, Rich Brioche a Tete,

Couronne Bordelaise (Crown Bread).

You will take home your own Sourdough Starter, 2 Baguettes, Brioche Loaf and Rolls and Crown Bread.

Plenty to show off and share! (As Pictured)

Teens at Whisk – Chock-full of Chocolate

This session is designed for teen pastry chefs who love chocolate (and who doesn’t?), age 13 and up.   

This 3 day hands-on baking camp is tailored to satisfy the chocolate lovers among us.  Join Pastry Chef Thanh Tang as he shares techniques for creating mouthwatering, Instagram worthy, chocolate desserts.  Skills acquired by the end of camp include folding, macaronage, foam building, creaming, ganache emulsification, and piping.

Students will make: 

Day 1 – Monday 2/15: Chocolate Macarons, air brushed and filled with Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Day 2 – Wednesday 2/17: Classic Chocolate Cream Pie, Decadent Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

Day 3 – Friday 2/19: Velvety Chocolate Truffles, Fluffy Chocolate Marshmallows, Festive Chocolate Churros

Calling all chocoholics, this 3 day camp is you!

*Note this 3 day camp meets: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The Croissant Workshop

Learn the art of making croissants at home! Pastry Chef Thanh Tang will take you step-by-step through the croissant making process. Your guests will be left wondering if you went to France for them! In this hands-on class, you will make the détrempe and beurrage, then learn how to properly shape, fill and bake to achieve flaky, delicate croissants. Topics and techniques explored in this class include dough composition and lamination, yeast fermentation, gluten development and flavor formation.

Recipes in this class include:

Croissant Dough, Master Recipe (Butter Croissant)

Pain au Chocolat  (Chocolate Croissants)

Croissant au Jambon  (Ham and Cheese)

You’ll take home your baked croissants from dough the chef pre made, and your prepared dough to shape and bake the next day or freeze for future use.