Teens at Whisk – Cake it Like You Mean It!

This 5-day camp is designed for teens ages 13 and up.

Monday August 15th – Friday August 19th

FROM 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Raise your hand if you have drooled over IG and Pinterest cake photos!  Pastry Chef Thanh Tang is ready to share his secrets to professional baking and decorating of cakes that look as good as they taste. These five days are designed for teens who love spending their free time elbow-deep in flour, sugar and with a piping bag. From the beginner to the advanced, you’ll leave this session with professional tips, loads of new skills and cakes sure to break records for “likes.” You’ll be so proud to bring your cakes home, ready to share – so plan your parties now!

Monday – Baking Essentials
Red Velvet Cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese Frosting

Tuesday – Cake Secret #1 Revealed
Tres Leches – Bake & Soak

Wednesday – Frosting and Piping
Tres Leches – Finish & Decorate with Caramel Buttercream

Thursday – Cake Secret #2 Revealed
Devil’s Food Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Chocolate Ganache

Friday – Mirror Glazing and Decorating
Devil’s Food Cake – Finish & Decorate with Mirror Glaze

  • All classes are taught by a Culinary Professional, with 2 adult assistants.
  • No prior experience required, just an interest to learn.
  • Please tie long hair back, wear closed toed shoes and a mask.
  • We are following current King County Covid protocols.

The Croissant Workshop

Learn the art of making croissants at home! Pastry Chef Thanh Tang will take you step-by-step through the croissant making process. Your guests will be left wondering if you went to France for them! In this hands-on class, you will make the détrempe and beurrage, then learn how to properly shape, fill and bake to achieve flaky, delicate croissants. Topics and techniques explored in this class include dough composition and lamination, yeast fermentation, gluten development and flavor formation.

Recipes in this class include:

Croissant Dough, Master Recipe (Butter Croissant)

Pain au Chocolat  (Chocolate Croissants)

Croissant au Jambon  (Ham and Cheese)

You’ll take home baked croissants from dough the chef pre-makes and you shape, as well as the prepared dough you make to shape and bake the next day or freeze for future use.

Kids in the Kitchen After School – Cookie Jar

Class is designed for kids 8-12 years old

Calling all bakers to our Kids in the Kitchen cookie class, where you’ll learn to make a simple dough base that can be altered to become just about any kind of cookie. Pastry Chef Thanh Tang will teach you how the type of flour you use, or the amount of mixing you do has on you cookie, in size, shape and chew.

In this class you will  make a

Triple chocolate chip cookie (dark,milk and white chocolate ….yum)

Oatmeal Raisin

  • All classes are taught by a culinary professional with 2 adult assistants.
  • No prior cooking experience is required, just an interest to learn.
  • For safety reasons, please tie long hair back and wear closed toed shoes.

The French Macaron

French Macarons are elegant almond meringue cookies, sandwiched together with a light buttercream. They are the perfect small bite to serve with coffee or after dinner, and they freeze well. In this hands-on class, learn the tricks to mastering these naturally gluten-free cookies and a go-to-recipe for a creamy Swiss buttercream that you will want to use for frosting all of your cakes.

Previously the Pastry Chef at Poppy in Seattle, Chef Thanh Tang, will share the techniques for making the perfect macaron batter, how to pipe, fill and flavor the evenly-sized cookie.

Sample in class, and then take the rest home to impress family and friends. You will make:

Mocha and Passion Fruit Caramel.