The Italian Countryside Dinner

In this hands-on class, Italian Classics will warm you inside and out as you take a trip to the Italian countryside. Chef Barbara Sowatsky has built a menu around vintage classics with added modern freshness and ease, featuring local flavor with inspirations from abroad. You will make:

Homemade Pappardelle Pasta

Braised Pork Shoulder Ragu

Apple Crostata topped with Whipped Cream

Dinner will be served Salad and Bread

The Italian American Dinner – Pasta Bolognese

There is something magical about the transformation of flour and egg yolks info forkfuls of tender, fresh pasta in the matter of minutes. In this hands-on class, Chef James Sherrill will take you step-by-step through floured hands to finished plate as you make your own pappardelle noodles and he shares some restaurant tricks to shorten the time it takes to create a rich and meaty lamb bolognese.  

You will make and enjoy:

Caesar Salad with Balsamic Caesar Dressing, Croutons and Parmesan

Fresh Pasta Dough to produce:

Hand-Cut Pappardelle with Lamb Bolognese, Arugula and Parmesan

Fettuccine with Cacio e Pepe, Olive Oil and Pecorino