Oysters and Champagne – Shuck with the Worlds # 2 Shucker

Have you ever had a perfectly shucked oyster? The oyster culture is a natural part of our lives all along the Pacific Coast. Come and enjoy a hands-on class that celebrates Oysters, while we celebrate with Champagne!

Join Ahi (the second fastest shucker in the world) from Taylor Shellfish and experience a taste of the sea while learning about the varieties, regions, growing, sustainability, buying, storing, and best of all, the proper tools and shucking method. This hands-on class features shucking lessons, followed by lots of practice as you work your way through a comparative oyster tasting.

Will eat 4 different oyster varieties, some raw, some baked, some grilled, fried and poached too, all to better understand the versatility of the oyster.

Ahi will also do a Geoduck Demonstration and Tasting**

She will show you how to clean and break down Geoduck, then with a simple blanch prep, serve it in sashimi-style bites. This will be a real treat!

We will sip Champagne as we taste these briny delights. All of this with the best of the best, from our beloved Taylor Shellfish, pioneers of PNW Shellfish production — They are a responsible and well respected company whose product relies on clean water and healthy ecosystems. They have long been stewards of our marine environment.