The Fundamental Foundations 4 Week Series – Week 4 Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Week 4 – February 26th – Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat:

Understanding the application of these four things will make you a better cook. Adjusting seasonings, how to balance flavors and the effect these have on your palate will be examined and explained in details this week. Then we will put your understanding into practice as Chef Drew guides you in the preparations of food, adjusting as we go.

Fundamentals this week will focus on Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat as we make:

  • Olive Oil Tuna Confit with Salsa Verde
  • Fagioli ala Fiasco (Tuscan Cannellini Beans)
  • Caesar Salad with Grilled Romaine
  • Crusty Country Bread
  • Fresh Berries and Masala Zabaione

Additional Skills/Fundamentals:

  • Sauces: Herb-based sauce, zabaione (egg-thickened dessert sauce), egg-emulsified dressing
  • Flavor-building and balance, using cured and pickled items to add depth of flavor
  • How to handle fresh herbs
  • Knife skills: dice, chiffonade, mince
  • Curing, confit, grilling,
  • Timing and organization/mise en place
  • Plating & presentation