Street Foods of the World

Want to expand your culinary passport? Are you looking for a new dish to spice up your repertoire? Do you dream of tasty treats on foreign streets, but haven’t been able to get away? If the answer is yes, this class is for you! Join Chef Drew Flanders in this hands-on class where you will prepare simple but flavor-packed dishes inspired by foods sold in the markets, festivals, and by street vendors from around the world. From Morocco to Japan, Mexico to Senegal, in this class you will prepare and enjoy a variety of flavors and textures from the simple perfection of the taco, the warm comfort of “Japanese pizza”, to the glory of two different types of grilled-meat-on-a-stick!
Make, eat amd enjoy from
Morocco – Chermoula ChickenĀ 
Mexico – Alambres- Steak and Bacon Tacos with Salsa Verde
West Africa – Spicey Peanut-Dusted Beef Skewers
Japan – Okanomiyaki – Seafood Pancakes
Participants will have the option of enjoying a wine or beer because street food is always best with a beverage!