Boiling Point – Today’s Fresh Ramen

Are you ready to delve into Seattle’s hottest culinary trend and learn to make fresh Ramen at home?  Ramen is an Asian dish of luscious noodles, bathing in a steamy, hot, flavorful broth.

In this hands-on class with the Master of Asian Flavor and Techniques, Chef Thanh Tang, you will learn the art of crafting fresh Ramen noodles and how to customize 4 different broths and toppings for those little noodles to swim in. No more dried, cello packs! This Ramen is fresh, hot, traditional and very flavorful. In this class we’ll make:

Handmade Ramen Noodles

Chashu Pork Belly

Soy-Glazed Soft Boiled Eggs

Dashi Stock

Pork Stock

We also turn some of the stock into Miso and Shio broths 

We encourage you to build your bowls and try all 4!!

Noodle Primer

Rethink your noodle knowledge in this class. We’ll introduce you to noodle dishes from three continents with three very different flavor profiles, achieved with key techniques that you can apply to endless other noodle preparations. Noodles are a great backdrop to a variety of dishes and cuisines and are an excellent choice for quick weeknight nourishing meals.

In this hands-on class with Chef Jennifer Reyes, we will visit three Noodle dishes, discuss the four guiding rules of preparing Italian pastas , and when to give yourself permission to break the rules – as we make a spin on classic pesto. We will update the classic Strogonoff and develop intense flavors inspired by the silky richness of meaty tomato sauce and the fiery, tangy-sweet flavors of Thai Drunken Noodles.  In this class, we will make:

White Pesto with Bucatini

Modern Strogonoff with Herby Egg Noodles

Sweet and Spicy Pork Sambal Noodles