The Mexican Kitchen – Mole Dinner

Anyone who has ever tasted Mexican mole knows the depth and complexity of flavors which classically takes hours if not days to develop.   However Chef Hend Yahya has perfected a mole which can be made with quality ingredients in a fraction of the time. In this hands-on class, Chef Hend will teach you her secret to making a delicious, robust chocolate hinted mole sauce using ingredients like cinnamon, chili peppers, seeds and more.  You will enjoy your mole with a succulent chicken breast served with a  Mexican rice seasoned with zesty lime and fresh cilantro, a refreshing contrast to the bold flavors of the mole. You will also make a refreshing watermelon and jicama salad with a tangy lime dressing.  The entire meal will end with Tres-Leche cake.

  • Watermelon and Jicama Salad
  • Chicken Mole served with classic Mexican Rice
  • Tres-Leche Cake