Street Foods of Malaysia

Malaysian food doesn’t get the global recognition it deserves, but the fact is, we are all missing some really delicious food!

The sum of many diverse parts, Malaysian cuisine influences include China, India, and Malay.  Chef Thanh Tang has put together several of the top Malaysian dishes for you to begin your culinary understanding of the bold flavors and diversity in Malaysian cuisine.

In this class you will make and enjoy:

  • Rendang (Beef Braised in Lemongrass and Toasted Coconut)
  • Nasi Lemak (Jasmine Rice Cooked with Coconut and Pandan)
  • Sambal Sauce (Spicy Chili Sauce)
  • Roti Canai with Tomato Chutney¬† (Onion Flatbread)
  • Acar (Pickled Vegetables)