Masa Masters

Learn from the pro who’s been using Masa all her life! Join Chef Edna Kainz in this hands-on class, who was raised in Mexico City! Chef Edna will show you all the ins-and-outs; the various ways to use Masa and how to work with Corn Masa (Gluten free), including where to get the best products. We will eat as we go! No more factory-made, preservative-filled tortillas for YOU! Join us in this lively hands-on class!

We will start you off with:
Edna’s Top-shelf Margarita
Ceviche Tostadas (taste preview to Edna’s next class)

Chef Edna will guide you hands-on making:

Corn Esquites Salad (Mexican Roasted Corn with Con Crema, Chile y Cotija Cheese)
How to work with fresh milled and dry corn masa
How to make handmade Tortillas

How to make handmade

Savory Gorditas
Fried Quesadillas( Masa Empanadas)
Gorditas de Piloncillo

All to be served with:

Frijoles de Olla, Chorizo con papa, Rajas con Crema, Salsa Casera and creamy tomatillo sauce (avocado), and Queso y Crema