The Italian Kitchen – 3 Course Wine Paired Dinner

Making your own pasta is quick and easy and after this hands-on class with Chef Barbara Sowatsky, you’ll think nothing of mixing up a batch for your next dinner party or holiday meal. You’ll start with just flour and eggs, creating your own pasta dough that you will then roll, cut and fill to created delicious ravioli.
Add that to a unique recipe for roasted herb duck filling and a cream sauce made with fresh herbs. It will be a meal to remember and the wine pairing is divine.
Join us and get your hands four filled and make…
Fresh Pasta Dough 
Roasted/Herbed Duck Ravioli with a Tarragon Cream Sauce
Celery Root and Soft Greens Salad with a Clingy Lemon Vinaigrette 
For dessert, we will serve you Chefs famous Cannolis, a perfect ending for the night and for the holidays ahead!