The Northern Chinese Table

While stir-frying is considered essential in Cantonese/Southern style Chinese cooking, Northern style emphasizes techniques beyond the wok.  In this hands-on, interactive class you will sharpen your knife skills while you roast, poach, pan-fry and eat your way through Northern Chinese dishes.  Join Chef ThanhTang and others in learning the art of roasting a succulent duck and crafting toothsome duck fat pancakes.  Experience the theatrics of sizzling rice soup and indulge in the freshness of cold sesame noodles.  In this class you make and enjoy this menu:

  • 鍋巴汤 Sizzling Rice Soup
  • 麻醬麵 Cold Sesame Noodles with Shredded Chicken 
  • 北平烤鴨 Peking Style Roasted Duck Breast 
  • 單餅 Duck Fat Pancakes

The Art of Sushi

Have you ever wanted to make sushi but didn’t know where to start?

Learn about sushi making from Chef Thanh Tang in our Art of Sushi Workshop where he will show you the proper tools and processes to make Nigiri, Maki, and Uramaki style sushi at home. We will discuss the best ingredients, where to shop and what combinations work best. Learn all the how-to’s from Asian expert, Chef Thanh Tang to customize your sushi-making at home.

You will be greeted with Hot Miso Soup and 7-Flavor Edamame.

Then you will get your hands busy, rolling and forming;

Shrimp and Mango Maki Rolls
Crab and Avocado Rolls
Spicy Tuna Nigiri

You’ll can enjoy your sushi with sake, beer or wine.

The French Macaron

French Macarons are elegant almond meringue cookies sandwiched together with a light buttercream. They are the perfect small bite to serve with coffee or after dinner, and they freeze well. In this hands-on class, learn the tricks to mastering these naturally gluten-free cookies and a go-to-recipe for a creamy Swiss buttercream that you will want to use for frosting all of your cakes.

Pastry Chef, Thanh Tang, will share his techniques for making the perfect macaron batter and teach how to pipe, fill and flavor the evenly-sized cookie.

Sample in class, and then take the rest home to impress family and friends.

You will make:

White Chocolate Rose Petal Macarons

Orange Creamsicle Macarons

Dim Sum and Then Some

Dim Sum means “to touch your heart”– it’s less about the recipes and more about delicious small bites, offered in various vessels.  Dim Sum refers to a style of Chinese food that is prepared in small bite-sized portions and is served on individual plates or steamer baskets. Think tapas, but Chinese style! In this adventurous hands-on class, Our Chinese expert, Chef Thanh Tang, will demystify the Chinese kitchen and will show you how to make:

Crab and Pork Shu Mai 

Crispy Shrimp Spring Rolls

Steamed Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves with Chicken and Chinese Sausage

Stir-Fried Egg Noodles, Onion, Bean Sprouts and Garlic Chives