Teens at Whisk – Great Cities of Europe – 5 Day Camp

This 5-day camp is designed for teens ages 13 and above

MONDAY, July 10th to FRIDAY, July 14th

From 2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM, Everyday

In this week-long camp, Chef Lee Baker will inspire your child to experience foods from some of the greatest cities in Europe.  We will learn a bit about each city, explore the different ingredients and flavor profiles that make each city distinct and cook up delicious recipes from the “City of the Day.”  Our skilled culinary team will assist each day as your teen practices knife skills and becomes familiar with everyday kitchen equipment.  Pack your food passport and experience a different destination city daily.

Monday: Paris
On our trip to Paris, we will make several dishes that are synonymous with the French:

Quiche Lorraine, Green Salad with French Dressing and Madeleines

Tuesday: Berlin
Next we’ll take a trip to Germany, making three very traditional German dishes:

Cheesy Spaetzle, Chicken Schnitzel and Apple Strudel

Wednesday: Bologna
Off to Italy to learn the art of pasta making:

Homemade Linguine with Bolognese Sauce and Lemon Ricotta Cakes

Thursday: Madrid
We head to Spain, to the capital city of Madrid, for:

Beef Empanadas, Spanish Potato, Onion & Egg Tortilla, Pan con Tomate (tomato-rubbed garlic bread) and Mock Sangria

Friday: London
Our last stop is London for some traditional English foods:

Fish and Chips, Coleslaw and Hobnob Cookies (made with both rolled oats & jumbo oats)

  • All classes are taught by a culinary professional with 2 adult assistants.
  • No prior cooking experience is required, just an interest to learn.
  • For safety reasons, please tie long hair back and wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions may be accommodated – just let us know upon registration.

The Italian American Dinner – Pasta Bolognese

There is something magical about the transformation of flour and egg yolks info forkfuls of tender, fresh pasta in the matter of minutes. In this hands-on class, Chef James Sherrill will take you step-by-step through floured hands to finished plate as you make your own pappardelle noodles and he shares some restaurant tricks to shorten the time it takes to create a rich and meaty lamb bolognese.  

You will make and enjoy:

Caesar Salad with Balsamic Caesar Dressing, Croutons and Parmesan

Fresh Pasta Dough to produce:

Hand-Cut Pappardelle with Lamb Bolognese, Arugula and Parmesan

Fettuccine with Cacio e Pepe, Olive Oil and Pecorino