Around the World Small Plates, Big Taste

Join us for a delightful trip Around the World with four different Small Plates guaranteed to wow with their Big Tastes!  You will accompany Chef Jennifer Berry in this hands-on class as your taste buds travel the world with stops in Spain, Cuba, Egypt and Greece. No passport needed! Just come hungry as you will cook, eat, cook, eat, etc.:

  • Spain – Spanish Espelette Clams with Grilled Tomato Bread, Clams steamed in Spanish sherry broth with dulce (sweet) paprika and Espelette pepper
  • Cuba – Beef Picadillo-Filled Pastries, Flaky puff pastry filled with sweet and briny beef filling, baked to golden brown and brushed with honey glaze
  • Egypt – Kataifi Prawns, Dukkah and Pistachio Yogurt, prawns seasoned with traditional Egyptian spice mixture wrapped with shredded Kataifi
  • Greece – Fried Calamari, Assorted Vegetables,and Crispy Chickpeas served with Tzatziki and Fried Herbs.