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The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

There is something magical about the transformation of flour and egg yolk to forkfuls of tender fresh pasta in the matter of minutes.  In this super fun hands-on class, Chef Aaron Tekulve will take you step-by-step through floured hands to finished-plate as you make your own tagliatelle noodles and agnolotti – filled pasta that’s a specialty of the Piedmont region of Italy.  Once you have mastered the basics of making fresh pasta dough, and filling and shaping you will have the know-how to create endless variations at home.

Tagliatelle with Fresh English Peas, Chilies and Parmesan

Agnolotti Pasta filled with Chèvre and Herbs served in a Brown Butter and Lemon Sauce

Served with a fresh Leafy Green Lettuce Salad

Not available