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The Fundamentals of Dough

What is the purpose of kneading? Is my dough too wet or too tough? Why does it need to rest? This class will focus on what to look for when making basic bread and tart doughs. You will also make pizza dough that is versatile enough to make not only pizza, but quick flat breads and focaccia bread. You will make a classic tomato sauce (another mother sauce) to adorn your pizza. For desserts, we will make a Crostata – a free form pie using the best fruit of the season. Wow your family and friends with your new dough making skills!

In this hands-on class, you will make and enjoy with wine:

Easy Pizza Dough;
Marinara Sauce;
Potato Proscuitto Pizza;
Margherita Pizzaa;
Flakey Tart Dough;
Apple Crostata; and
Easy Forcaccia