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The French Macaron – Online Class for Mother and Child

Happy Mother’s Day! Join Whisk online for a virtual French Macaron cooking class from your kitchen to ours,  we will make macarons together.

French Macarons are elegant almond meringue cookies, sandwiched together with a light buttercream. They are the perfect small bite to serve with coffee or after dinner, and they freeze well. In this hands-on class, learn the tricks to mastering these naturally gluten-free cookies and a go-to-recipe for a creamy Swiss buttercream that you will want to use for frosting all of your cakes.

Previously the Pastry Chef at Poppy in Seattle, Chef Thanh Tang, will share the techniques for making the perfect macaron batter, how to pipe, fill and flavor the evenly-sized cookie.You will make:

White Chocolate, Rose Petal Macarons and Orange Creamsicle Macarons

Whisk will provide all the ingredients plus pastry bags, piping tip, templates, 2 sheets parchment paper.  Kits can be picked up Saturday 12-2.

Tools you will need

1 Kitchen Aid with whisk attachment

1 shifter

1 spatula

2 cookie sheets

1 scissors


Not available