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The Farmer’s Market Three Course Dinner

You’ve made that trek to collect the freshest and finest of the season from the local farmers at the market, and now what? Join Chef James Sherril in this hands-on class as he takes some of the finest Northwest seasonal finds,  fragrant, pristine and bursting with flavors and shows you strategies to create the best from each. In this class, Chef James will guide you through the creation of each course, grilling as we go and starting with a burrata set atop a slice of warm grilled sourdough…followed by a juicy grilled steak with a local green bean salad and creamy Roquefort vinaigrette. This fresh seasonal dinner will include more grilled yummies too, just in time for Labor Day!

 Burrata,  Red Plums, Basil, Aged Balsamic on Grilled Sourdough

 Grilled Summer Squash, Walla Walla Onions, Salsa Verde with Pecorino

 Pan Seared New York Steak,  Haricot Verts,with a Roquefort Vinaigrette and Heirloom   Tomatoes

 Grilled Pence Peaches, Whipped Ricotta, Rosebud Honey, Mint top for crunch with  Granola


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