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The Empanada Workshop – A Cultural Tour

The origins of the empanada are entirely unclear, but seems likely that they first appeared in Aegentina in kitchens of immigrants from northern Spain, where the dish forbearer was a larger double crusted pie cut into slices. Join Chef Yary in this hands on class and discover the differences of empanadas from around the world with a variety of doughs, shapes, fillings and cooking techniques.

In this class you will make and enjoy from;

SPAIN – Empanada Gallega – Spanish Baked Tuna Pie – the Spanish is their seasoned oil infused dough that surrrouns the bonito

ARGENTINIAN – Empanadas Mendocinas a traditional beef empanada, baked with onions, chorizo, potato, spices, olives and hard boiled egg

CUBAN – Chipotle Chicken Empanada: pan fried with roasted peppers, mushrooms, swiss cheese with a Avacado Dip


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