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The Bayou Kitchen – Jambalaya

In this hands-on cooking class, we will create the tastes from New Orleans,and learn about some of the most precious cuisines in the world. Jambalaya is actually a “cousin” of Paella and includes many of the same ingredients. The dish is an amalgamation of African, Native, French, and Spanish culinary traditions. If you Love paella? You’ll love jambalaya! Using the reduction technique, Chef Drew Flanders will teach you how to develop deep concentrated flavors in this simple, one-pot dish for “your community” that is beyond “hot and spicy”. You will also learn how to make the  perfect rice pilaf without a rice cooker!!

Traditional Southern Jambalaya with Chicken and Andouille Sausage

Braised Greens with Smoked Bacon

Southern Cornbread with Molasses Butter

You will be greeted with corn chips and Texas caviar ( black eyed peas and corn dip)


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