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The Art of Sausage – 201

This Class is designed for people who have completed our Sausage (101) class which introduced you to: Grinder Assembly and Technique, Seasoning Mixes, Grind Ratios and Meat Preparation, Casings, Methods of Stuffing and Linking.

Sausage 201, Advanced skills taught by artisan charcuterie specialist, Chef Drew Flanders who will build on all of the skills learned in Sausage 101. This class will go beyond the basics of grinding and stuffing! We will up your sausage game with the introduction of new proteins (poultry), new techniques (emulsified sausages), and the introduction of smoke, fresh herbs, and curing salts.

This class will dive right into a great new variety of sausages and frankfurters to get you ready for grilling season. Afterwards, you will sit down to enjoy a delicious meal featuring your sausage creations, alongside a salad, side, bread and condiments. You will make a selection of:


Garlic Frankfurters

Polish Sausage

Thai Chicken Sausage

Guests will take home approximately 3 pounds of sausage.

Designed for those who have previously attended Sausage 101


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