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The 5 Mother Sauces

The Five Mother Sauces are the foundations for many dishes and other sauces. A sauce can elevate your cooking, adding complexity and refinement to every dish.  These five mother sauces pack tons of flavor and enhance whatever they’re served with. Join Chef Aaron Tekulve as he instructs you through the hands-on process of creating each of the five mother sauces, and discusses how to combine or modify them for endless dishes and other sauces. In this hands-on class we will discuss roux, emulsion and reductions and make:

Bechemel, a roux based sauce varied with the addition of cheese or dairy

Veloute, a traditional pan sauce or gravy beginning with a roux

Tomato Sauce, a reduction

Espagnole, a basic brown sauce from roux

Hollandaise / Aioli, an emulsion

We will enjoy these sauces with wine and a menu of:

Steak with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, to be paired with any of the above sauces.


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