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Summer Wine and Cheese Pairing

Cheese! Glorious, Cheese! What makes a summer day even more perfect? The perfect cheese, of course! Alison Leber, Curd Nerd & Turophile, as we explore cheeses, silky to strong, and find out what makes your taste buds hum with delight! Alison loves to talk about cheese, but most of all, she loves the look on people’s faces when they taste an amazing cheese!

In this cheese appreciation class, Alison will introduce you to six to eight varieties of cheese each perfect to have al fresco for dinner or to take on a picnic. Learn what makes each of these cheeses unique and taste for yourself the glory of the curd!

We’ll top it off with 3 – 4 different wines and taste how they complement (or not!) the cheese.  Alison will walk you through all the elements in cheese tasting. Grow your knowledge and palette; surprise and tantalize your taste buds with pairings; and ideas for your own summer meals!


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