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Street Foods Of Mexico

Street food is essential to Mexican gastronomy and you find it all over the country. Each region has its own variations but most happen either on top of an anafre–the traditional wood burning stove, or in a vending cart. In this hands- on class we are going to focus on sopes, the little tortilla trays topped beans and different choices of meat.  Then Tlacoyos, the stuffed masa cakes, with the traditional fillings, beans, dried fava puree, cheese, and last but not least, Enchiladas Potosinas, little turnovers made from chile infused masa, which will become one of your favorites. Join Chef Ana Sainz and cook up traditional Street-foods of Mexico:

Enchiladas Potosinas, a chile infused masa turnover, filled with Mexican cheese.

Sopes de Arrachera, grilled meat sopes served with salsa ranchera.

Tlacoyos surtidos, and assortment of tlacoyos, served with crema, Mexican cheese and salsa ranchera.

Salsa Ranchera

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