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Ricotta Gnocchi Three Course Dinner

If you love potato gnocchi, let us introduce you to its cousin – Ricotta Gnocchi (No Potatoes Required!) Lighter, slightly chewy, without compromising our love for the delicious, pillowy nuggets of deliciousness we are familiar with–Ricotta Gnocchi are a snap to make. Join Chef Bonnie Rae in this three course dinner class and learn the art of Ricotta Gnocchi — from making the perfect dough to rolling and shaping little bites of love. In this class we will make a three course menu of:
Fresh Mixed Greens, Tarragon, Mint with Quick Pickled Vegetables
Ricotta Gnocchi with Fresh English Peas,  Asparagus and Lemon Zest
Shortcakes with Fresh Strawberries and  Whipped Cream

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