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Primavera in Liguria – Spring in Liguria

Liguria is a region on the Mediterranean sea, protected by mountains and  blessed by sun and warm temperature all year long.  Tender herbs, artichokes and olives are some of the ingredients that shape a cuisine that is fresh and flavorful. Paola Albanesi will guide you through this Italian region using local, seasonal ingredients. You will learn how to make a phyllo-like dough for the Torta Pasqualina, a Springtime pie that is filled with spinach, ricotta and pecorino cheese. Cappon Magro is a salad that blends fresh seafood with colorful vegetables, and is seasoned with Salsa Verde. We will make a court bouillon, learn how to properly cook vegetables and various seafood that will create a colorful and delicious entrée.

Torta Pasqualina – spinach, ricotta and fresh herbs pie

Cappon Magro – warm vegetables and seafood salad; shrimp, calamari, salmon, clams with cauliflower, carrots, asparagus and potatoes.



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