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Preserving Summer

Enjoy the peak of the season all year long, with produce from your local farmers market or you own garden.

During this hands-on class, Artisan and Author, Sarah Marshall will teach you the basics of canning and preserving. You’ll learn how to can delicious local produce in new and unique combinations and how to water-bath process. She’ll also teach you how to make a brine, pack your jars properly, sterilize equipment, and ensure that your produce is properly sealed. Of course, we’ll take breaks to enjoy some local snacks and taste some hot sauces, made by Sarah. Afterwards, you’ll get to take home your own jar of the canned creations to share with friends and family.

Meet Sarah Marshall: She’s been canning and preserving for as long as she can remember. She founded the famous, Marshall’s Haute Sauce (Portland) and has written a book on canning called Preservation Pantry: Modern Canning from Root to Top and Stem to Core.” She loves sharing her passion with everyone she meet.



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