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Events for January 2020

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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December 29

Pho Anyone?

Italian Kitchen – Ricotta Gnocchi

December 30

Kids in the Kitchen – Main Street Bake Shoppe – Donuts

The Holiday Croissant Workshop

December 31
January 1
January 2

Kids in the Kitchen – Main Street Bakeshoppe’s Cookie Jar

Teens at Whisk – Cake it! – Red Velvet

Inspired by Portlands Famous POK POK

January 3

Teens at Whisk – The French Macaron

The Cuban Kitchen – Tapas

January 4

The French Macaron

The Spanish Kitchen – Paella

January 5

Boiling Point – Fresh Ramen

The Italian Sunday Night Dinner

January 6

Meatless – Monday Night Bowl-ing

January 7

Simple Italian Comfort Foods

The Fundamentals Series – 4 Week Package

The Fundamentals – Knife Skills

January 8

The January 3 Course Make Ahead Dinner

January 9

The Croissant Workshop

The Art of Gnocchi

January 10

The Croissant Workshop

Tex Mex – Fiesta Ready

January 11

Mastering French Breads

Street Foods of Thailand

January 12

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

Inspired by Portlands Famous POK POK

January 13

The Italian-American Meatless Monday

January 14

The Fundamentals – The Incredible Egg

January 15

The Italian Inspired Make Ahead 3 Course Dinner

January 16

One Pot Meals: A Fall Soup, Stew & Chowder

The French Farm Dinner

January 17

The Italian Kitchen – Chicken Picatta with Handmade Fettuccine

Neapolitan Pizza and Wine Pairings

January 18

Making Fresh Cheese at Home – Mozzarella, Chevre, Ricotta

Wine Paired 3 Course Dinner

January 19

The Croissant Workshop

January 20
January 21

Oodles of Noodles

The Fundamentals – Dough Making

January 22

Pate a Choux – Sweet and Savory


January 23

Fast and Easy Ramen

The Italian Kitchen – Osso Buco

January 24

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

January 25

The Art of Sausage

Spanish Dinner for Two

January 26

The Weekend Brunch

The Spanish Kitchen – Paella

January 27

Meatless Monday – The Pasta Workshop

January 28

Inverno Risotto’s – Winter Risottos

The Fundamentals – The Basics of Sauce Making

January 29

Cook it in Cast Iron – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

January 30

The Italian Kitchen – Ricotta Gnocchi

Steakhouse Classics

January 31

French Macarons

Inspired by Portlands Famous- POK POK

February 1

Italian Kitchen – Pasta

Dim Sum and Then Some