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Events for September 2020

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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August 30

The Tradition of Tamales

August 31

Meatless Monday – The Pasta Workshop

September 1

Fresh From the Market 3 Course Dinner

September 2

The Art of Gnocchi

September 3

Dumplings? Dumpling?

September 4

Easy As Pie

Dim Sum and Then Some

September 5

Mastering French Breads

September 6

The Weekend Brunch

The Spanish Kitchen – Pintxos and Tapas

September 7
September 8
September 9

The Italian Kitchen – Quick & Elegant Dinner

September 10

Local Harvest – Three Course Dinner

September 11

Street Foods of Vietnam

September 12

The Croissant Workshop

The Farmers Market 3 Course Dinner

September 13

The Art of Sausage – 101

Dim Sum and Then Some

September 14
September 15

Kids in the Kitchen After School – Macarons

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta Workshop

September 16

The Italian Kitchen – A Seafood Feast

September 17

The Art of Sushi

September 18

The French Macaron

Around the World Tapas

September 19

The French Macaron


September 20

The Cuban Kitchen – The Cubano Sandwich & More

Caribbean Inspired 3 Course Dinner

September 21

KIds in the Kitchen After School – Keep it Rolling

September 22
September 23

Seafood Small Plates, Big Taste

September 24

The Croissant Workshop

Shellfish from the Pacific Northwest

September 25

Neapolitan Pizza and Wine Pairings

September 26

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

Wine Paired Seasonal 3 Course Dinner

September 27

The Bagel Trifecta

Tex Mex – Fiesta Ready!

September 28

Kids in the Kitchen After School – Pizza and Pretzels

Meatless Monday – Bowl-ing

September 29

The Italian Kitchen – The Pizza Workshop

September 30

Teens at Whisk After School – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

The Italian Kitchen – Risotto 3 Course Dinner

October 1

The Fall Harvest Dinner

POK POK Inspired by Portland’s Famous Restaurant

October 2

Fast and Easy Ramen


October 3

Mastering French Breads

Tex Mex – Fiesta Ready