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Events for October 2018

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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September 30

The Croissant Workshop

The Italian Sunday Night Dinner

October 1

Meatless Monday – Butter Tofu (GF)

October 2


October 3
October 4

The October Make Ahead 3 Course Dinner


October 5

Around the World Tapas

October 6

Steakhouse Classics

October 7


The French Bistro Dinner

October 8

Autumn in Italy

Meatless Monday – Monday Night Bowl-ing

October 9

Lifting Your Spirits with Mixology

October 10

Dinner’s in the Freezer

The October Make Ahead Three Course Dinner

October 11

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta


October 12

Kids In the Kitchen- Macarons

Kids in the Kitchen – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Inspired By Portland’s POK POK

October 13

The French Macaron

The Spanish Kitchen – Paella

October 14

Oysters and Champagne – Come Shuck with the Worlds Fastest Women Shucker

Neapolitan Pizza

October 15
October 16


Celebrate World Food Day – Tapas

October 17


October 18

The 5 Mother Sauces


October 19


Street Foods of Thailand

October 20

The Croissant Workshop

Neapolitan Pizza

October 21

Dumplings? Dumpling?

A Wine Paired Seasonal 3 Course Dinner

October 22


October 23

Lunch & Learn: Fall Pasta


October 24


The Italian Countryside Dinner

October 25

Family Meal Planning – Getting It Right!

Southern Fried Chicken & Biscuits – A Contemporary Approach

October 26

Soups for Supper

Let’s Tango – Latin Inspired Tapas

October 27


The Taco Workshop – 3 Authentic Taco’s Straight from the Heart!

October 28

Phö Anyone?

Boiling Point – Today’s Fresh Ramen

October 29

Meatless Monday – A Party for You or Two

October 30

Lunch & Learn: Best of Fall – Soup and Salad

The Thai Kitchen

October 31

Fall Risotto

November 1

The Italian Inspired 3 Course Make Ahead Dinner Party

French Classics – Coq Au Vin

November 2

The French Macaron

The Spanish Kitchen – Paella

November 3

The Italian Kitchen – Pasta

The Tradition of Tamales