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Let’s Tango – Latin Inspired Tapas

Join us for a Tango around Latin American in this hands-on Tapas class. The tango was flavored by ingredients of dance from Spain, Cuba and South America.  Chef Yary Oslund will use the history of the tango as a guide for our Latin-inspired tapas. You will make:

Columbia – Arepas con Hogao y Huevo:  Columbian Arepas (fresh corn cakes) with a Columbian Creolle Sauce topped with a Quail Egg

Argentina – Carne y Chimichurri:  New York Steak with Argentina’s famous Chimichurri Sauce

Peru – Tiradito con Crema de Aji Amarillo:  Peruvian Ceviche (sushi-grade Sea Bass or Flounder) with a Peruvian Yellow Pepper Sauce

Cuba – Potato Mash Cups filled with Chicken Ropa Vieja:  a new world take on the famous Cuban Beef Ropa Vieja.  Chicken Ropa Vieja is cooked with peppers, shallots, chilies, tomatoes, basil, cilantro and spices., NY


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