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Let’s Tango – Latin Inspired Tapas

Join us for a Tango around Latin American in this hands-on Latin Inspired Tapas class. The tango was flavored by ingredients of dance from Spain, Cuba and South America. In this hands-on class, we will use the history of the tango as a guide for our Latin infused tapas. You will make:

Colombian – arepas con hogao y huevo:  Colombian arepas (fresh corn cakes) with a Colombian sofrito topped with a quail egg.

Argentina – Carne y chimichurri: Vacio Steak ( Flank Steak) with Argentina’s famous Chimichurri sauce.

Peru – Tiradito con crema de aji Amarillo:  Peruvian ceviche with Peruvian Yellow Pepper Sauce

Cuba – Ropa vieja con Galletas de Maiz:  Fresh made corn crackers with Cuban-style shredded beef that has been cooked with peppers, shallots, chilies, tomatoes, raisins and olives


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