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Indian Curries

Join our Indian expert, Chef Shama Joshi as she explains a bit about the history of Indian curries and unlocks the secrets to creating this global dish with layers of lovely, big bold flavors and the beloved, “generous warmth”.  Chef Shama will walk you through the composition of the key elements of a great Indian Curry and all the sides and condiments to complement it – Aromatics, Heat, Essential Spices and Sauce. Her garam masala mix can be customized to your own liking, controlling the element of heat. In this class, we will make:

Lamb Curry – Make your garam masala from scratch and learn to pressure cook Lamb in an onion-tomato stew.

Peas Rice Pilaf (Matar Pulao) – Aromatic, long-grained Basmati rice pilaf cooked with whole spices and peas. A perfect accompaniment to any Indian Curry.

Riata – A cool spiced Yoghurt dip.

Rice Pudding –A dessert made by slow cooking rice in thickened whole milk and cream, garnished with cardamom and slivered almonds.

Shama followed her passion for feeding others after fulfilling a fourteen-year career at Microsoft as a Senior Engineer and started a food truck called Roll Ok Please. Recognized as one of the top 20 places to eat in Seattle by Anthony Bourdin, Roll OK Please was a huge hit with the Seattleites but has recently wound down. Lucky for us! She brings her love of food and people to us with this lively class.


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