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Flat Breads

Flatbreads! Breads that are flat! Join Chef Baylor Pascal, to explore Naan, pita, barbari, and make a variety of dips and spreads. It’s a delicious adventure through breads that are easy to execute at home, with endlessly delicious variations, perfect for all your summer parties!

You will make, taste and and take





Baba ganoush

Quick pickles


Baylor is a Chef-Instructor for Seattle Culinary Academy, where he instructs future professional bakers on breads, vienoisserie, and all manners of fermentation. Baylor is an alumni of the pastry program at SCA, he was the executive pastry chef at Choukette, an eclair shop in the heart of Pike’s Place Market, sous chef at Bakery Nouveau, and honed his craft baking for a Michelin-star restaurant on the French Riviera. His passion for bread is only rivaled by his passion for bagels, so, more bread?  Baylor is enthusiastic about the transformative power of fermentation, and loves to share that enthusiasm with others.


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