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Fast and Easy Ramen

Fast and Flavorful, this class is designed for those who love ramen but not the 12 hours it takes to simmer the broth. This ramen class with Chef Thanh Tang balances bold new flavors with traditional ramen to create harmony in every bite…and slurp! Besides noodles and garnishes, students will also make a basic chicken shitake stock and 2 flavor sauce-bases to create a total of three versions of ramen to be enjoyed in class. You will load your bowl with stocks, sauce, chicken, noodles and garnishes of your choice. We will make:

Chicken Shitake Stock

Spicy Sesame Sauce

Black Garlic Sauce

Soy Braised Bamboo Shoots

Handmade Spinach Ramen Noodles

Soy Marinated Eggs


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