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Are you intimidated or frustrated with working with dough? Mixing, resting, rising and shaping will all be demystified in this hands-on class where Chef Jennifer Reyes will show you exactly what to look for in each step, as we work with two different doughs: Pizza and Pastry Dough.

In this  class, you will learn how to make a Pizza Dough; learning all the queues of a perfect consistency, what a perfect rise looks like and the best ways to shape this risen dough. We will work with the one pizza dough to make two styles of pizzas–A Pan Pizza with Caramelize Onion, Prosciutto, and Asiago Cheese, and a Thin Crust Margarita Pizza (Fresh Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil).  Afterwards, reviewing the chew, crumb and baking methods to develop a flavorful, beautifully blistered pizza.

Next up, Chef Jennifer will share her secrets to a flaky Pastry Dough. She believes making pastry is a  fundamental component one should master in becoming a versatile and impressive cook. Today’s pastry dough will serve as as vessel for a Fresh Fruit Crostata served with Fresh Cream. Afterwards, we will discuss the endless possibilities where this flaky, buttery pastry dough will come in handy.


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