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Chicken Soup from Around the World

You will learn the fundamentals of a perfect chicken stock and use that stock as a launching pad for 3 unique chicken soups. Filipino Arroz Caldo is a warming rice porridge, similar to Chinese Congee. It’s served with toasted garlic and a jammy 7 minute egg, perfect for a cold breezy NW dinner! Belgian Chicken Waterzooi starts with our perfect stock and enriches it with an egg yolk slurry, sautéed veggies and poached chicken. My Italian wedding soup recipe was a staple in my Italian grandmother’s kitchen. We will grind our own chicken thighs for the most mouth watering meatballs!

You will make all 3 to eat and take some home

Filipino Arroz Caldo

Belgian Chicken Waterzooi

Italian Wedding Soup with Chicken Meatballs

(*) Pictured Filipino Arroz Caldo

(*) Pictured Belgian Chicken Waterzooi


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